Reset or Disable Tire Pressure Monitoring Service (TPMS)

To reset your TPMS sensors without a tool:
1. Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended psi. 36psi.
2. Turn ignition to the on position. If you have a push button start, push the start button without pressing the brake pedal.
3. Push the hazard light button 6 times. The horn should honk and you should see “Train left front tire” in the LCD display between the tach and speedo.
4. Release air pressure in the front left tire until you hear the horn honk. The LCD display should now read “Train right front tire”.
5. Release air pressure in the right front tire until you hear the horn honk.
6. Repeat for the the right rear tire, and then the left rear tire.
7. You should now see “Training Complete” in the LCD display.
8. Fill your tires back up to the recommended pressure.

To Disable:
This disables TMPS. This is helpful in the winter when the cold makes your system think it has a flat when it doesn’t, or when you purchase new wheels that don’t have TMPS sensors. The procedure for this is almost the same as the DIY for Global Windows Open/Close except you change a different variable in FoCCCus.
KeyFob Windows Up/Down

Follow all the same steps except for step 10.
At step 10 change the value in #101 to Without Monitoring System
TPMS disable