Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

One of the first upgrade I did to my car was springs. I purchased a set of Eibach Pro-Kit springs for my car 2014 Focus ST. What attracted me to these springs was the ride height drop, as this is my daily driver.

The kit lowers the car by 3/4 inch on the front and 1 inch at the back. This gets rid of a good amount of wheel well gap. It isn’t so low that you have to be concerned about space on wider tires and offsets. It did however accent the fact that our stock wheels have a very large offset, 55mm. To correct this I found it necessary to get spacers. The spacers made a huge difference, I’ve gotten way more comments on the look of the car since I’ve put them on. I am currently running GarageLine 15mm Spacers on the front and 20mm spacers on the Rear. Spacer Review

Without Spacers

2014-06-02 08.48.40

With Spacers

2014-08-15 18.28.44

With the modest drop of these springs it allows the car to be lowered but not to the point it became an inconvenience. I have no issues getting in an out of my driveway or going over speed bumps. The ride quality also did not become harsh, as the springs are progressive. This allows the springs to be soft to soak up the small bumps in the roads, but then get stiff quickly when the car starts to lean, such as in a corner. One of the main improvements with the springs is the reduction is nose and tail dive during hard braking or acceleration.
Autocrossing the car regularly the before an after spring install is huge. The car is much more stable under hard braking as the weight is not rolling around. The same goes for the corners. The car also does not have the inner wheel lift on hard corning that the stock springs have, allowing the car to be much more planted and stable.

The only issue I am having is the increased wear on my stock struts. This is due to aftermarket companies not making any struts for the 2014 model as it has a different spring perch on the front than the 2013’s.

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