How to Bleed The Clutch

This tutorial will show you how to bleed the clutch on your Ford Focus ST. This procedure should work on the Fiesta ST though the location of the bleed valve for the slave cylinder may be different.

What You’ll Need:
Pressure Bleeder Buy Motive Pressure Bleeder
Bleeder Bottle
11mm Flare Wrench Buy Flare wrench
T20 torx
Screw Driver
10mm socket
Brake Fluid

1. Remove the lower cowling. This step isn’t necessary but it gives you more room, and allows the hose to sit cleaner.

  • 1. Remove the weather strip
  • 2. Unscrew the 2 torx bolts, one on either side of the cowling
  • 3. Undo the 4 clips across the top, using the screwdriver to pry them loose.
  • 4. Remove the 2 plastic grates, and undo the 10mm bolt.
  • 5. Underneith the cowling in the center is the Sound Symposer tube, remove that and pull out the lower cowling

2. Remove your airbox. Undo the rubber connector that connects the airbox to the intake pipe, and the rubber connector in the front of the airbox, that holds the 2 plastic hoses. Then pull the airbox out.

3. Fill the pressure bleeder with brake fluid. Put at least 500mls in, as you need to account for the fluid in the hose, and you don’t want the pump to pull in air.

4. Undo the cap to your reservoir, before attaching the pressure bleeder, I would pump it a litle bit to start pulling fluid into the line. Then connect it to the reservoir, making sure there is no leek.

5. Pressurize the pump to 10psi, don’t go over 15psi.

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6. Attach your Bleeder bottle to your slave reservoir bleeder. It is a black plastic bleeder located on top of your transmission, to the left of your shift linkage.

7. Open up the bleeder value using your flare wrench. NOTE: I had to open it up quite a bit for it to start bleeding.

8. Bleed about 80ml of fluid out, or until you don’t see any bubbles. Making sure to check the pressure on the bleeder, and the fluid in the hose/reservoir.

9. Close the bleeder screw. Making sure not to over tighten as it is plastic.

10. Leaving the Pressure Bleeder connected, wait about 30 seconds to a minute. Then get into the car and pump the clutch 5 times. Then make sure you can shift smoothly into each gear.

11. If the clutch feels good, remove the pressure bleeder, replace the airbox, and lower cowling.


Job Time 20-30 minutes

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