How to install stainless steel brake lines Focus ST

Installing the stainless steel brake lines is much easier than I thought it would be going into it. This job can be done with or without a lift, though it would be quicker on a lift. Procedure is almost identical between front and back.
I went with the Steeda lines as they are DOT certified unlike some other brands. Stoptech also make a great set.
1. Remove wheel.
2. Remove the clip that holds the line to the frame mount. The best way to remove this is with a screwdriver from the back side, pushing forward.
3. Unscrew the nut connecting the lines, using an 11mm wrench. Then separate the lines and cap the end. If a lot of fluid come out before you cap the end, make sure to check the reservoir so it doesn’t drop below min.
2014-09-28 12.40.45
NOTE: Photo is on the installation of the new lines, thus the clip is still on.
4. Next pull the line end out of the mount that holds it to the frame, and the rubber U clamp halfway down the line.
5. How you should have only one connection left, down on the caliper. Undo this bolt with a 14mm and pull the line out.
6. To install the new stainless line, perform the steps in reserve.

2014-09-28 12.40.39

2014-09-28 13.48.21

2014-09-28 13.48.26

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