How To Install Rotors Focus ST

Installing new rotors is a fairly quick and easy DIY job.

Tools Needed:
Lug nut tool, 19mm socket
7mm allen
13mm socket or wrench
c-clamp or caliper tool

Rear Specific Tools:
Screw in piston caliper tool

1. Remove the wheel.
2. On the front of the caliper there is a clip, that needs to be popped off.
2014-09-28 13.48.15

Clip Removed:
2014-09-28 11.35.58

3. Once this clip is removed there are 2 bolts on the back side of the caliper. They are covered in a black plastic clip. Pop the cap off and undo the two bolts, using a 7mm allen key.

REAR NOTE: I had to undo the rear sway bar and disconnect it from the end links to provide clearance to get the allen key in.

2014-09-28 11.36.30

4. This step is only if you are doing the back brakes, Undo the handbrake cable.

5. Then lift the caliper off and rest it somewhere. Don’t let the caliper hang by the hose.

6. Next you need to remove the brake pads and the mounting bracket. This is held on by two 13mm bolts.
2014-09-28 13.48.46

7. Once this is off you are free to remove the rotor. If it is stuck use a mallet to knock it loose.

8. Then clean the back of the new rotor with brake cleaner and place it on the axle.

9. Perform the steps in reverse to put the caliper back together.

10. You may have to use a c-clamp to push the caliper piston back out to provide clearance over the pads. NOTE FOR THE BACK: The rear piston is a screw in, so you’ll need a special tool.

11. Before putting the wheel back on clean the front of the rotor.

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