Autocross Point Series

For the 2016 Capital Driving Club(CDC) Autocross series, the Capital ST Club is holding a point series within the series. To qualify for the series, you must be a member of the Capital ST Club Facebook page, and drive either a Ford Focus, or Fiesta. There will be separate point series for the Focus and the Fiesta.

For a complete schedule of events please see: CDC Schedule

The Series will award points based upon the position you finish in relative to the next Focus or Fiesta. We will then take your best 3 races and add up the points. You can compete in more than 3 events, but only your best 3 will be counted. Top 2 highest point totals in each car class will receive prizes from our sponsors.

Points will be awarded as such:

1st: 20pts

2nd: 19pts

3rd: 18pts

etc: down to 0

Test & Tune events will not count towards point series.




Focus Series:

1st Place: $100 Gift Card to Sith Racing

2nd Place: $50 Gift Card to BozBrosPerformance(BBP)

Fiesta Series:

1st Place: $100 Gift Card to BozBrosPerformance(BBP)

2nd Place: $50 Gift Card to Sith Racing

Top 2 finishers of each series will also have the option of a Sponsorship from Sith Racing or BozBrosPerformance. This sponsorship would provide, parts at cost for a year, with the car sporting a Sith Racing or BozBrosPerformance Windshield banner.

A minimum on 3 racers are required for prizes to be awarded to your class. You do not have to attend 3 events to qualify. I(Adam C) will be exempt from prizes, in the Focus class.

Should prizes allow, there will also be a reward for most points total. This would be combined across both the Focus and Fiesta, and would take into account all the points earned in each race.


Rules will be the same as Capital Driving Club.

Please see their FAQ regarding rules, and procedure.

To keep things simpler we will be using CDC’s classing system and will use the indexed time for determining placing. The system is not perfect, but it is simple and prevents drivers from having to message me their mods, for classing.

FROM CDC’s FAQ section.

The indexed time is a measure of how well you did relative to the other drivers. It is similar to a golfer’s handicap. The indexed time will be your elapsed time multiplied by the following factors:

Tire Multiplier
Low-performance/All-season tires (Over 200 Treadwear Rating) = 0.99
High-performance Street Tires (101-200 Treadwear) = 1.00
R-Compound Tires With Treadwear Rating 50 – 100 = 1.01
R-Compound Tires With Treadwear Rating < 50 = 1.025

Horsepower Multiplier (As measured at the wheels)
100 HP or less = 0.99
101 to 150 HP = 1.00
151 to 200 HP = 1.01
201 to 250 HP = 1.02
251 to 350 HP = 1.03
Over 350 hp = 1.04

Vehicle Weight Multiplier (Measured without driver or passengers)
Vehicle weight < 1500 lbs = 1.03
Vehicle weight 1500 to 2000 lbs = 1.02
Vehicle weight 2,001 to 2,500 lbs = 1.01
Vehicle weight 2,501 to 3,000 lbs = 1.00
Vehicle weight 3,001 to 3,500 lbs = 0.99
Vehicle weight > 3,500 lbs = 0.98

For example, you drive a brand new 2008 Honda S2000. You run Kumho Ecsta V710 tires with a treadwear rating of 30. The car is rated at 237hp (SAE net) according to the manufacturer but it has an aftermarket cold air intake system and an aftermarket free-flowing exhaust system which puts it at just over 200hp as measured at the rear wheels (this can easily be verified with a chassis dynomometer). It has a curb weight of 2864lbs. Your best auto-x run resulted in an elapsed time of 46.88 seconds. Therefore, your indexed time would be:

46.88 x 1.025(TIRES) x 1.02(WHP) x 1.00(WEIGHT) = 49.01 seconds

After each event’s points are posted online by CDC, I will go through and update the spreadsheet below denoting the standings.

If you register under an alias in CDC, or use an alias on your Facebook account, please message me(Adam C on Facebook) so I can match up the names, as I’l be using the Facebook members list to verify racers are in the club.

I will only provide your fastest indexed time of the day. Those entering in multiple heats, will only have their fastest time taken, from their first 6 runs. For full results see: CDC Results


HGS= Harry Grove Stadium in Frederick, MD

RFS= Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, MD

JWHS= James Wood High School in Winchester, VA

Times Shown are indexed times.

Ford Focus ST and Fiesta ST D.C. area car club.