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Reset Auto Up Down Windows

Sometimes the windows one-touch function stops working. This generally happens after the battery has been unplugged.
To reset the windows, follow these steps:
1. Hold the switch down until the window is all the way down
2. Release the switch then hold down again for 5 seconds
3. Press the switch so the window goes all the way up
4. Release the switch and press it up, again for 5 seconds
5. Repeat this procedure for each individual window.

KeyFob Windows Up/Down

This mod is to allow your keyfob to open or close your windows. This is something that is built into the car by default but disabled from the factory by Ford.
Video demonstrating the feature

You will need the following things:
-An ELM 327/OBD2 reader.

To purchase one:
Bluetooth Supper Mini OBD 2 /Mini OBD II Compatible with Andriod Power 2-Blue
ELM327 V1.4 USB OBD2 OBDII CAN-BUS Diagnostic Scanner USB Cable

-Download the latest version of the FoCCCus software.

EDIT: People have stated they’re having issues downloading from the site linked. The site linked, is not my site. I have no affiliation with the company or it’s software. I’ve attached a link to a dropbox link of the latest version, that I’ve been able to download. Please try downloading directly from the site before trying mine, as mine may be out of date. ¬†Dropbox Link- Focccus-0.8.6

-A Windows laptop or one running Windows on a VM, if using the Bluetooth reader, the laptop will need Bluetooth.

1. Plug the OBD2 reader into your car. The port is located under the headlight switch under the dash.
2. Put the car into accessory mode (hit start without clutch depressed.)
3. Connect your OBD2 reader to your laptop, if using the USB one you will most likely have to install the drivers. Bluetooth, simply pair it.
4. Determine what COM port the machine has assigned it. To do this:
1. – Windows 8 users, do Windows Key + Q then type devmgmt.msc
– Windows 7/Vista users, do Start > bottom of start bar, search bar > devmgmt.msc
– Windows XP(upgrade now) Do Start > Run > type devmgmt.msc ENTER
Computer Manager
2. Select Ports(COM & LPT) so that it drops down
3. Find your OBD2 device and remember the COM# in the ().
– If there is a ! or Yellow triangle it means the device isn’t working properly and you’ll need to get drivers.
5. Go to the downloaded FoCCCus file, and extract it.
6. Open the extracted folder and double click on FoCCCus
7. Select your COM number that you got from above, and click Open.
– If you have a problem connecting try unselecting maximize speed.
FoCCCus window
8. When the window opens up, on the bottom left of the page click Read from BCM.
– It may fail a few times, don’t worry just try again.
9. When it has completed, click Save to File, and save it somewhere you’ll remember. You can never have enough backups.
10. Scroll down to #184 should read Global Open/Close and change the value to Global open/close doors and sunroof (even if you don’t have a sunroof)
FoCCCus BCM change options
11. Click write to BCM, again it may fail a few times, just keep trying.
12. DONE.

Time to Test that it worked.
To put the windows down press and hold the unlock button for 5 seconds.
To put the windows up press and hold the lock button for 5 seconds.
You can stop the windows at any point by hitting the button again.

The sunroof will not open/close, due to the way it is wired.

Do not be worried about other fields that say Unknown or have incorrect info. DO NOT CHANGE THEM. It simply means the program didn’t know how to interpret the value in the config file with a package name. If you don’t change the value, the program won’t either so leave it me.

Also my OBD2 is not plugged in, for the screenshot I took.


2014 Focus ST, Performance Blue, ST3 Package

The car is still a work in progress. My next agenda is aesthetics It is currently my daily driver, so some of the mods are dialed towards the everyday driver aspect. I partake in autocross on the weekends, though Capital Driving Club (see our events page for a list of their events).

Recent Awards:

Carlisle 2015 – Focus Rising Judges awarded Best 2013+ Focus ST
Custom Performance Engineering Car Show – Viewers Choice Best Car

Engine Mangement:

Cobb AccessPort V3
Tune by Stratified Automotive 93 Octane and E30


GTX 2860R Turbo .64 A/R
Tial MVR 38mm External Wastegate (EWG)
Speed Perf6rmanc3 Auxiliary Fuel Rail
Custom 38mm EWG dump tube
Custom Carbon Fiber Intake
Velossa Tech Racing Snorkel
MBRP Charge Pipe Set
Cp-E 5.5″ Core FMIC
Tial Q BOV
CP-E Stage 2 Rear Motor Mount (RMM)
CP-E 70a Durometer Transmission Side Upper Motor Mount (TSMM)
Damond Motorsports Passenger Side Upper Motor Mount (PSMM)
Damond Motorsports PCV Side Oil Catch Can (OCC)
NGK LTR71X-11 Spark Plugs
JLT intake side Oil Catch Can (OCC)
Breedt Ported Symposer Delete
Custom Painted Engine Cover
Custom Painted Battery and Fuse Box


MFactory Helical LSD
SPEC Stage 3+ Clutch for OEM Flywheel
Boomba Short Shifter
Mountune Shift Arm
Boomba Racing Shifter Base Bushings
Boomba Racing Trans, Cable Bushings
Needless Torque Calibrations Shift Cable Bushing
Motul Multi DCTF Transmission Fluid


Catted MBRP Downpipe
FSWerks Stealth Catback Exhaust
Cobb Exhaust Hangers


Willwood FBDL4 Front
BP10 Brake Pads Front
TCE Stainless Steel Lines Front
Hawk HPS Pads Rear
Steeda Stainless Steel Lines Rear
StopTech Slotted Rotor Front and Rear
ATE 706202 Original TYP 200 Brake Fluid(Super Blue)


KW v3 Coilovers
Eibach Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
SPC Adjustable Rear Camber Arms
Steeda Adjustable Rear Toe Arms
DIY Adjustable Rear Endlinks
Massive Adjustable Front End Links
TB Performance Traction Bar
TB Performance Front Strut Bar
TB Performance Mid Brace


Forgestar F14 Wheels in 18×9 et 48
Michelin Pilot Super Sports in 255/35/18 Tires
Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 in 17×9 et 45
Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R Autocross Tires
Sparco Assetto Gara in 18×8
Hankook i*ecpt evo W310 in 235/40/18 Snow Tires
3M Color Safe tint 35%

Llumar Air 80 front windshield tinting
Blue LED puddle Lamps
Maxton Design UK Front Splitter
Maxton Design UK Side Skirts
Maxton Design UK Rear Diffuser
Maxton Design UK Wing Extension
The Lighting Firm Halo Fog Lights
Custom Grill


Carbon Fiber Vinal wrap
BozBros Performance Custom Shift Knob
RedlineGoods Custom Arm Rest Cover
RedlineGoods Custom Shift Boot
RedlineGoods Custom Door Inserts
Steeda Aluminum Dead Pedal


Black Box Stealth Dash Cam
Breedt Accelerator Pedal Mount