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FMIC Mesh Lower Grill

This DIY removes the stock plastic slats on your lower grill and replaces it with a mesh grill.
The grill material can be purchased here:

Custom Car Grills

This is the template for the dimensions of the lower grill.

29 9/16″ top edge
32 1/4″ bottom edge
2 5/8″ high.
NOTE: that is height, not side edge length, which is exactly 3″.




Pictured is the Diamond XXL


First you’ll need to remove the front bumper.

Bumper removal video
This is an install video for an Intercooler, simply stop after the bumper is removed.

Then remove the stock slatted grill.
Then using the dimensions listed above cut out your grill.
You can then use zip ties to secure the grill.
Zip ties work great as it allows you to easily remove the grill should it become damaged without leaving permanent marks on the bumper.
Replace front bumper.